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Embark on a journey of self-discovery side by side with Austin Kent, a guide anchored in the tools of mindfulness, breathwork, and self-expression. Certified by Holumina Breathwork, Austin invites you to realize your profound potential in a safe and intentional exploration of plant medicine. Join this transformative adventure!

Austin Kent




START DATE: 02/05/24





OUR MISSION: Our mission is to reduce harm and enhance psychedelic inner exploration through education and practical skill sets. We adhere to the pillars of safety, education, empowerment and community. 

How long is this Workshop? 

You will spend 6 weeks with a small cohort of psychonauts! 

What day do the classes fall on and are there multiple classes in a week? 

Classes will be held on Tuesdays. We'll have class in the morning (9am) and in the evening (6pm). 

How long are the classes?

Each class is 90min. Let us know if you have any time constraints before joining. 

Will I be with the same coach every week for 6 weeks?

No, you will experience a different modality each week! However, you will see coaches co-creating experiences and other coaches walking around as support throughout the 6 weeks. 

What are the 5 modalities/skills being taught in the 6 weeks?

Kenny Stahl, Rootfork Medicine, works with Meditation.

Thomas Hanks works with Breathwork.

Austin Kent works with Breathwork.

Dante Liberato, The Den Somatics, works with movement. 

Ren Thorpe, The Den Somatics, works with the Steel Mace and the Bo Staff. 

Are the classes in the evening the same as the classes in the morning?

Yes, they are! You are more than welcome to come to both.  

Is space limited?

Yes, we are accepting 12 applications at this time! 

What do I bring to each class?

Most tools and resources associated with each modality and lesson are provided. Do bring water, snacks, comfy gym clothes, socks are optional, and a curious mind!

What is the monetary exchange to participate in this 6-week course?

We ask for $180 in total. In any case you need to flex your payment please reach out to us directly and we are happy to work with you! 

Why is there an application? And is it required?

We ask everyone to apply so that we may know more about your experience and your intentions/curiosities surrounding this 6-week Pyschonaut Skills Course.  

What if I miss the Zoom Call Q&A?

If you happen to miss the Q&A you are more than welcome to reach out to one of our coaches or The Den directly! There is no such thing as a stupid question - we all interpret things differently. We are happy to expand on the questions labeled above and any questions you may have. 

Email: or follow the "GET IN TOUCH" link to connect with a psychonaut coach!

DATE: 01/23/24

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