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COMMUNICATION: Please allow all coaches 24hrs to respond to your initial inquiry. If a coach has not responded to you within 24hrs you may text them again to check in. 


  1. Notification: To initiate a cancellation, members must submit a written notice to The Den at least [30] days before the intended cancellation date. This can be done via email to or through a written letter delivered to 308 W Fillmore Street STE 103, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904.

  2. Final Payment: Any outstanding dues must be settled before the cancellation can be processed. If your cancellation request is within the [30]-day notice period, one final payment may be charged.

  3. Early Cancellation Fee: For members on a contract, an early cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining contract cost agreement will apply if the membership is terminated before the end of the contract period.

No-Show Cancellations

Members who do not visit the gym for [number of months] consecutive months without a formal cancellation request will still be subjected to regular membership fees. To avoid unnecessary charges, please adhere to the cancellation process outlined above.

Medical or Relocation Cancellations

Exceptions to our cancellation policy are considered on a case-by-case basis for medical reasons or relocation. Appropriate documentation (e.g., doctor’s note, proof of relocation) will be required.

  1. Medical Cancellations: If you are unable to continue at The Den due to medical reasons, please provide a doctor’s note, and we will waive the early cancellation fee.

  2. Relocation Cancellations: If you relocate more than [20miles] from The Den, provide proof of relocation to have the early cancellation fee waived.


The Den does not offer refunds for membership cancellations except under exceptional circumstances, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Policy Changes
The Den reserves the right to modify this cancellation policy. All members will be notified of any changes [30] days prior to their implementation.

Contact Information
For any inquiries or assistance regarding the cancellation process, please contact us at:

We thank you for your support at The Den and hope to assist you in your fitness journey as effectively as possible.


- Respect the space and the art (Ask questions, come with an open mind and express your curiosity if you think we are coachin' some bull shit)

- If you bleed or draw blood on these mats, you bow on and off them (We are not fighters, we are warriors. We will respect the container that helps mold our abilities)

- NO SHOES ON THE MAT (There are few greater signs of disrespect in the modern martial arts world)

- Take no shit, do no harm (What we learn on these mats is for the empowerment and protection of self and those we love. We will not seek violence, however we will be prepared to receive it at all times necessary)

- Ego is welcome, just don't be a dick (You can't be a good athlete without a little ego. Nourish that part of yourself, just don't let it run the show)

- Seriously, don’t be a dick (This community is not for everyone and the leadership reserves the right to make decisions that are best for the team)

- Spinal Submissions, Submissions below waist and neck cranks are catch and release (DO NOT CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO YOUR FRIENDS)

- For stand up sparring ~ WATCH YOUR POWER (Hit as hard as you want to be hit AND use your words if someone hits you too hard. Not everyone knows how to control their power yet)

- We spar, we don’t fight ~ Yellowstone rules (We don't fight in this gym. We do not attempt to hurt one another. If you need that intensity, you get to train with coach and coach only)

- Take care of your Uke (Your Uke is the human allowing you to work your craft and practice techniques. This is your training partner. You will show them the same respect you'd expect to see yourself or your closest friend receive)

- Love each other (Breathe together before sparring with a new Uke. Take time to slow down before you share violence with one another)

- No judgement (Not everyone here is training to compete and not everyone here is just a hobbyist. Wether you are entering your first 'fight camp' or showing up to your first fundamentals class, give space and grace to others in The Den and meet them where they are at in their training

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