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Ayurveda Somatics General Donation

Ayurveda Somatics is introducing and sharing a possible platform built for individuals in our community to have access to foundational strength training at no cost to them. 


We are rolling out a donation-based and community-driven program that supports 1 individual for every $100 fundraised. This individual will have access to three months of free classes and a community they can stay connected to even after the 3 month period. 

We are here to educate, instill accountability, and support longevity. We want our friends to live full and resilient lives. We hope for a strong community to stand together with resilience and strength. We desire mindfulness through challenges and hardships. What better way to build those hopes and dreams with a community than by ourselves? 

So, suppose you feel called to express some gratitude monetarily, support a stronger community, or our Ayurveda Somatic coaches; the choice is yours! Follow the donation button and don't forget to leave us a note!

Thank you! 

Ayurveda Somatics

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