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Embodied Nourishment & Relational Connection

In this container, we will begin with a guided meditation to connect with a part of ourselves that we are most aware of. We'll then move through what it would be like to nourish that part of ourselves by exploring our intrapersonal experience and or welcoming relational support. Part of this container is bringing awareness to injuries, our inner child, and or past events that may have resulted in chronic physical sensation; and explore how receiving relational support can be a healing practice as much as it is informative. It is also worth noting that this practice can be done effectively and respectfully without making any physical contact.

Those interested in exploring healthy relational support through sovereign boundary setting, slowness, and consent to serve the receiving of support through the voice and touch, are all welcome.

This is an opportunity to nourish parts of ourselves that feel uncertain with receiving physical support and one of many modalities to help individuals get closer to their visceral yes and no.

What To Expect

Understanding Consent: If the body of a person doesn't have sovereignty they will allow another person to take/do whatever they want. 

Ambivalence is a no: if you are not clear, it's a no. Touch is to learn or support and that's it.


Don't bring fear into contact. 

No Touch during dissociation. Touch during dissociation is not therapeutic. 

You can't take touch back, but there will be another chance. 

Allow there to be time and space right after physical contact is made or new experience has been had. 

-  All aspects of this workshop are taught through the lense of the Hakomi Method -

More somatic awareness means more out of life.

Physical contact can bring back to ourselves. Reminding us we are worthy of connection. ​

​We much help one another strengthen the neurology that tolerates nourishment. 

This workshop is designed for coaches, body workers, guides, and anyone interested in navigating relational healing. 


 $150 for non-members

$75 for The Den Members



Dante applies the Hakomi method in his Workshops and his daily MMA and Strength Training practice. He has completed Level Two Hakomi Training and is currently navigating Level Three Hakomi Training. If you have any questions regarding Dante's Practice you may email him at

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