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You are empowered to practice movement, strength training, and martial arts, with other conscious individuals in a safe container. 

Monday Through Saturday


Grant Thomas offers a special Primal Movement class every Monday! In a Primal Movement class, you will explore a form of fitness that involves moving as our hunter-gatherer ancestors once did. If you are looking to increase your mobility and develop a deeper capacity inside your body then this is for you!


Ren offers a daily Steel Mace Strength and Flow class! Her classes range from a weighted vinyasa flow to unconventional strength training with the Steel Mace. She suggests her classes to people who are looking to increase mobility and find their balance and coordination. This class is also a wonderful recovery tool for shoulder pain. 


This class is for those looking to take a deeper dive into martial arts through understanding The Den fight principles

Timing, positioning, space, leverage, range, control, strategy, aggression, tempo, pressure, training and endurance. Coaches will switch the focus each week providing in depth training around one of these core principles each week.


To be continued...


Ren coaches weekly Strength Training classes! This class is based on a seasonal strength training program, which means we build programs around the tempo of the season. This class is also a mixture of functional and unconventional strength training. We use kettlebells, dumbells, body weight, and steel mace. 

Wednesday Women's Only Class @ 12pm

Small Group Training Tues-Fri @6am


Designed for the psychonaut by the psychonaut. This class is structured to support those looking to integrate psychedelic journeys through community, relation, movement, and strength. We will meet you where you are and hold space/lead containers that vary from unconventional strength training to contact improv and martial movement.

*6 Week Program Coming Soon* 

Contact for more information.

I want wholesome friends and a healthy meat suit.

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