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Winter Solstice: Muscle Building 12 Week Program

  • 90Days
  • 148Steps


Ayurvedic Winter training phase is designed to be slow moving, stimulating and efficient. This is the time of year for us to slow down and we will honor that still season owning our movements, controlling the weight and taking our time through reps in ‘tempo’ exercises. The more time you spend under tension, the more time you are telling your body to build muscle! Moving slower with the proper resistance can result in lean muscle gain like you’ve never seen before (paired with the proper nutrition of course). This season also requires an IMMENSE amount of rest for us. We receive our energy from the sun and now there is less sun therefore there is less energy! This phase of training is designed to get you in and out of the gym within 40-50 minutes from warmup to cooldown. All while sending the maximum amount of ‘muscle building’ signals by moving weight slowly and drawing all the ‘building’ chemicals into the muscle tissue. Spend more time at home, respecting the darkness and listening to our earths natural cycle. I encourage you to be under iron less and in your body more during this insightful, death-filled, romantic time of year.

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