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Spring Training | 2023

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Imagine this (highly recommend reading with a David Attenborough accent): There is a small opening in a cave ceiling and a sunray perfectly seeps itself through. The ray of the sun hits the face and a slight breeze caresses the body. The breeze inspires a deep inhale through the nose and a long exhale out of the mouth. A nostalgic desire to feel the warmth of the sun surfaces. In a couple of straight skips and a twirl to the right, there is a cave opening. To the left lies a vast plain and to the right soar the great rocky mountains. In the periphery, there is a lonely pine. At first, a glance is all that is given because there is...wait a minute. A lengthy monkey plops itself right on the highest of high outer branches of this pine. A small crack of a smile emerges as the open sky witnesses this carefree, sun lovin' monkey opening its arm out to the horizon and enthusiastically stretching its arms above its head as if it were drawing the sun higher into the sky. THIS. IS. SPRING. The cave represents the winter, our cacoon, and our maintenance. The sun calls in energy to ignite hypertrophy; awareness for stability; and creativity for novelty. The monkey is an awakening to unapologetically open ourselves up to the sun and bloom into our Spring bodies. This program lasts for 9 weeks and recognizes the three Doshas in Ayurveda. You are welcome to do this at a gym, in the comfort of your own home, or at our gym if you are local to El Paso County! Grateful.

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